Sunday, July 1, 2012

Visiting the village

 There is one thing that surprises me whenever I visit the village. A natural but yet so out of the ordinary fact. What I am talking about is that every time I take the one hour walk from where the car stops and the on foot trip begins, and I do mean every time, until I reach the village I encounter all kind of wild life. Birds I didn't even know existed in this area, lively and exotically colored, start singing and flying around.

 I saw deer running around just near where the village is. I looked at baby deers looking back at me.
 Can't wait to make friends with them, give them treats and welcoming them to welcome us.
 Imagine the house, with its front gate toward the village and it's end of garden in the direction where the forest starts. Now imagine that end of my garden is start of their playground, just the perfect place to keep some food for them, especially in winter time. Because hey, this is just what friends do.

 One of the other times, early in the morning, one gray shady predator bird caught a pigeon in flight right near our heads as we were walking around the village. Never ever saw this happening in real life and so close. 

 There is something wild, something natural and harmonious in this place. 

 Oh, and in the night - in the night you see the stars. You see a sky full of stars, quiet and peaceful is the sky at night. That is something I always am astonished to realize, what amazing view you have once in a remote place and how poor is my perception of the sky when I try to watch it from the city. All the artificial city lights keeping me blind, and how rarely I get to lift up my head and just admire the sky and the stars. 
 One of the things I will do is have a huge window just above where I sleep. I already know where the bed will be, in the attic of the house, with big window roof above, just under the sky.
 So at night I can sleep and dream, and be peaceful under the stars.

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