Sunday, July 1, 2012

Idealism, optimism, scepticism and pragmatism - reality and metaphor

 Nowdays, there is much need for clear and coherent action, backed up by effective communication.  In generally there is much stagnacy observed because many of us people are stuck on language, personal perception of reality and subjectivism.

 We sometimes tend to focus on how we are presented with an idea instead of just seeing the presented idea.

 If discussing the language there is endless debate that leads to no real accomplishment but only to intelectual subjectivism.

 Although this is easily observed as a general tendency in these times of great deception and also of great awakening, not judgeing the phenomena as negative, we insist in the need to overcome it.

 This being accepted as fact, the intention here is to explain and define in general lines the proposed perception of this blog and what is named as the calling.

 A first request for you reader is to not misinterpret the used language as new age cliche. Nor our life attitude as of self absorbed spiritualists that ignore collective reality and live in happy land.

 If for example we state "We will make things happen from no-where to yes-here!" this should not lead anyone in thinking that there is no real, step by step, clear, simple and to the point, coherent plan. It is just how the words came out to describe, in an optimistic manner, what is here the intention.      

 Also one should understand that poetic language and things of the heart give power to our intention. So there is place for details and there is place for metaphor. And all have their own place and use. 

 One should simply not hurry in seeing us as one would like us to be - nor as one would not like us to be. One should only do what one does best: simply see.

 With an open mind and an opened heart one will recognize our intention, and this message - coming from the same open mind and opened heart.

 Where the message might sound too abstract, where intuition does not complete the whole picture please simply send your query and let us use and benefit the good old critical thinking we have been blessed with. 

 We need to keep our idealism, cherrish and use our optimism, hold on to our scepticism and act clearly, coherently, simply and with pragmatism.

  - if we are inspired enough to understand how our perception affects reality and 

 - how magic is yet another language not to be disregarded when dealing with our world.

  - and if we understand how intention and focused belief contribute to the success of our actions, and 

 - how quantum physics is uncovering to the collective mind the good old truth - we are both spirit and matter 

 - if we do all this - it does mean only that all the knowledge and belief will come to complete the day to day, hands on, responsible and conscious action.

 The here considered truth is that one should not exclude any of the truths that are being experienced on different levels of reality.

 Believe without action will not bring intended manifestation and sole action without true belief will be confronted by challenges and tests instead of being backed-up by people, circumstances and all that is.

 We are moving ahead taking into consideration the entire range of truths and beliefs that we will have to deal with, in acceptance of all that is, on all levels and by all means of manifestation.

 If you have anything that you'd like to know by now, or any questions, concerns, ideas, suggestions or advice please send an email to or send a message to facebook user

 If you simply stumbbled upon this blog, are not interested in being part of the community but are experienced or have knowledge to share - please feel free to write as well, any guidance is welcomed.

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